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The properties transfer of Bulgaria in Europe

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The properties transfer of Bulgaria in Europe
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Here is a list of the five properties owned by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria in Europe /Greece, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, France/ for sale to the Chinese companies or citizens or exchange with a property in Shanghai.


Property 1. Administration Building  in Athens, Greece , № 12 Akademias street - The property is a plot of 196.87 m2 and building with a total useful floor area of 1433.48 square meters The building has 7 floors location




Property 2. Administrative building in Hungary , Budapest , Street 2A and 2B Sirtesh street, plot 1914 sq.m and building of 4 floors with area 442 location

Property 3. Administrative building in ,Netherlands, Hague, No 22 Al.Gogelveg street / Alexander Gogelweg 22 2517 JJ Den Haag, Netherlands. Land area 600 sq.m, 2 storey building with total area 230 m2  location:first /second 


Property 4.  Administrative building in Belgium, Brussels, No 100 Rue d'Arlon, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium. Land area 311 m2 Building - built up area 1870 sq.m  location


Property 5. Two apartments each with an area of 80 square meters in France, Paris, 75013 Place D'Italie 17-19 location


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