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Windy Hills Chateau - Bulgaria

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Windy Hills Chateau - Bulgaria
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The Chateau is operated as Bulgarian limited company (OOD), established in 2001. To avoid land transfer taxation and to speed up approval we advise that the whole company is purchased, rather than the land and the buildings separately. The company includes the following properties and enterprises:


1. ChâteauWindy Hills




The chateau is located in the ancient Thracian Plane winemaking region, close to the Black Sea.

Grape vines have been cultivated since 3,000 years. It's close to the Thrace A1 highway, 280 km from the capital Sofia, 150 km from the second largest city Plovdiv (sister city of Shenzhen) and 120 km from the Black Sea port city of Burgas. The total built-up area of the chateau is 3,928 m2 of which: - 3,318 m2 wine cellar, including a 25 seat degustation room - 270 m2 - 11 double guest rooms - 340 m2 restaurant - with 60 indoor and 60 outdoor seats on a terrace with spectacular view over the vineyards. It's a new, modern building, completed in 2002 with a 4 star hotel categorization.






The company owns 35.20 hectares of vineyards, established with plant material from France. The average age of vines is 8 years and the average harvest is 670 kg/mu.


The all-year control guarantees the high quality of grapes. Most importantly, the vineyard is situated in a traditional viticultural region and it's possible to select, negotiate and purchase grapes from other winegrowers.


The following vine varieties are cultivated:

Red wine grape varieties:

- Cabernet Sauvignon - 19.20 ha

- Merlot - 7 ha 

- Syrah - 6 ha

White wine grape varieties:

- Muscat of Alexandria - 3 ha 


3.Wine Cellar




The processing capacity of the wine cellar is 600 tons of grapes or 400 tons of wine per season. Capacity can be increased to over 1,000 tons by adding additional vessels, without the need for expansion or purchasing additional equipment. The cellar produces not only grape wine (≈12°), but also rakia - a traditional Bulgarian high alcoholic (40°) wine distillate.The wine cellar produces 11 types of grape wine from the following series:




• young wines series - Windy Hills brand 

Red wines:

- Cabernet Sauvignon 

- Merlot 

- Syrah 

- Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 

- Mavrud 




White wines:

-Muscat of Alexandria





· aged wines series - Top of the Hills brand

Red wines:

- Cabernet Sauvignon

- Merlot

- Syrah

- Mavrud 


· Rakia - Bulgarian grape brandy 

- Aged grape Rakia 

- Muscat rakia 

- Muscat of Alexandria Rakia 


4. Rose plantation  - 8 ha 


The roses are of the Plovdiv 1 variety, suitable for rose hip production, rather than for rose oil. Rose hips are a prized herb, used in herbal medicine and for the production of herbal teas, marmalade, jam, jelly, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. The rose hip plantation is awaiting green product certification. The estimated yield is 7 - 9 tons per hectare, or 466 - 600 kg per Mu.


5. Goat Dairy Farm 


The farm has a herd of 300 female goats and a modern dairy with automated milking equipment, built in compliance with EU standards. The goats are from the indigenous White Bulgarian Breed (subject to higher subsidy). The owners have fields of alfalfa and the goats are allowed to graze in the communal pastures in the vicinity. The annual production capacity of the dairy is 6-8 tons of goat cheese.


6. Farm machinery 


The company also has 3 tractors, ploughs, harrows, cultivators and vine sprayers for farming and cultivation of vines and other crops, as well as a diesel fuel tank.



The asking price for the holding company, that possesses the properties, listed above, is 4 million Euro or about 34500000 RMB. This is the sellers asking price and does not include any consultancy and lawyer fees, intermediary fees, and local taxes to be paid upon purchase.


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